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Blossom Bash at Soons Orchard this weekend

who's talking here?

Kat 2
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adina 1

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adina --- 10 years ago -

check it out at: It was a lot of fun last year, should be even better this year, as long as the weather cooperates. All sorts of fun activities and delicious things! -Adina 

suzyq --- 10 years ago -

Ohhhh....Busy today but will have to try to get there tomorrow :) 

Kat --- 10 years ago -

HEY!!!! The girls and I are in one of the pictures on the web site! You are too, Adina! Hahahaha!!! We had plans yesterday but maybe we'll try to stop by today. I had so much fun last year and learned a lot! 

Kat --- 10 years ago -

See if you can spot us! 

suzyq --- 10 years ago -

I thought that was you. Didn't make it today. It was raining here so we decided to stay home. 

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