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Kleen Kanteen - Other options?

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suzyq --- 11 years ago -

Besides the Kleen Kanteen bottles, does any one know of another brand that is known to be as good and maybe a little less expensive?  

nyckristie --- 11 years ago -

Are you looking for BPA-free sippy cups? Or are you looking for something insulated? Or both? 

Kat --- 11 years ago -

Target has some good stainless steel options. The Foogo and Funtainers have sippy cup and straw options, and Thermos makes a straw option for kids. They can be pricey but you can find them on sale. EMS also has some stainless options... but I am finding that not a lot of stainless is cheap! There are some good BPA-free plastic options now, too. Target has a nice selection and reasonable prices. Remember, too, that plastic with the number 5 on the bottom is BPA-free! 

suzyq --- 11 years ago -

Thanks for the info. My husband needs something to carry his water in. They took the water coolers (to save money)away so now he has to bring in his own water so I am trying to find something that will be leach free since the water sits all day in the container. 

adina --- 11 years ago -

If you decide to order some, I wanted to get some too (Kleen Kanteen), so maybe we can do a large order like Kat did a while back. -Adina 

Kat --- 11 years ago -

I am going to research the prices again... I bought a big SIGG bottle for my sister to have water with her always in the trunk of her car, but she left it in there when she came to NY... and the water froze and the bottle BURST!! She needs a new one! 

nyckristie --- 11 years ago -

Oops!! Yup, I need a new one. Or perhaps this one is under warranty!!? 

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